About us

LonsumCro 'Liv2Golf' is dedicated to the joy, triumphs and tribulations experienced with friends on the golf greens all over the world .

We trust you will play inspired in  LonsumCro Golf Wear 'Liv2Golf'   with pride and look good doing it.

'Powered by Golf Swag' is golf wear dedicated to the fun side of golf 

A motivational gift for yourself or a golf partner with 'very clear' shot at their golf game.

'Where Pro Golf Gear Meets Great Times On The Green'

Who does this golf thing?

We are everyday guys dedicated to our crafts.
Claudio ... is our gear aficionado and embroidery wizard. oh and Production and sales stuff too.

Dave Kallil ...Prominent Golf Instructor and Senior PRO Golf Tour Winner and cheerleader for all that is fun about golf ...promotions, sales and cool golf idea guy. http://www.ottawagolfcoach.com/ #ottawagolfcoach

Stephen ... he draws pictures n stuff all web like ... a bit of a bum looker if ya know what i mean ... no one truly knows what he does.

Inspired by Tyler who discovered a need for fun inspirational golf gear that better reflected every day golfers, the camaraderie, the joy of success as well as, the moments in your golf career that you wished no one witnessed, but in the end were very glad, it was your golf buddy... those are the moment we wish to capture and share.

We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Claudio Fata - Production and Sales
Dave Kallil - Sales and Promotions
Stephen Sammon - Graphic Design and Web Master
LonsumCro 1-613-821-2098

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